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At Jones, we recognise the growing awareness around the demand for responsible business behaviour with issues relating to sustainability, ethics and respect for all of our stakeholders. We are extremely passionate about culture, diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace and recognise the impacts that they have on both their environment and the society in which they operate.

Eric and Barbara Kinsella Trinity College Scholarships

Jones Engineering Group is an international Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Company based in Dublin with extensive projects in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Scholarships are available to students on the Engineering (BAI/MAI) and Engineering with Management (BSc (Ing)/MAI) programmes only.
  • Each award will be worth €5,000 per annum and will be tenable from the granting of the award until the completion of the student’s studies on the particular programme to a maximum of five years for any one award.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who are not currently in receipt of other scholarships.
  • The continuation of an award from year to year will be subject to satisfactory academic performance at the annual examinations.


Applications are now open for 2019


To be considered, candidates must have completed first year engineering in Trinity College.

Interested candidates should apply by 29th October 2019.

In order to apply candidates should submit the following:

  • CV
  • 1st Year Transcript from Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Personal statement outlining your reasons for applying for this scholarship (Max 200 words)



Applications by email only to: Sandra Guilfoyle / Human Resources Manager

Jones Engineering Group, Jones Engineering House, 83 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4, D04 HN50