Maximising our span of control
in managing largescale projects

Project Controls

We are committed to ensuring we remain industry leaders in securing repeat business whilst continuing to expand our current project portfolios. In order to assist us in achieving this goal we have invested in “IsoServ”, a comprehensive cloud based project management solution. We see this as a key element in the successful delivery of our flagship projects and as it continues to evolve, we are confident it will support our clients’ needs into the future.

We believe this is integral to how we approach our business in enhancing efficiencies and ultimately maximising our span of control in managing largescale projects.

Deployment History 2011-2024

80,000 Isometrics Processed
700,000 Metres Pipework Installed
5.5 Million Weld Inches Tracked
12,000 Testpacks Tested
2,000 Systems Handed Over

Cloud Based System

Manages High Volumes of Data

Real-time transparent data reporting

Early Risk Identification

Complete System Turnover

Efficient Project Delivery