Ensuring a quality production
in a clean and safe environment

Food & Beverage

Delivering Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection services to the highest food industry standards in sterile and safe environments while also providing full turnkey solutions to multinational clients.

What we do in Food & Beverage

Distillery / Brewery

Distilleries and Breweries are subject to strict public health legislation and safety standards. We have completed the Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection installations as well as BMS (Building Management System) to the highest standards in these ATEX Hazardous Areas for some of the world’s leading multinationals. Typical services include process, HVAC and pipe installations, MV/LV electrical works, cabling installation and programming and fire alarm and sampling systems.


Dairies are ATEX Hazardous Areas meaning all works and final installations are subject to stringent safety and quality regulations. Typical services we provide include design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of fire detection systems including employee training, pipework and HVAC installation, LV/MV installation, general and emergency lighting and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) installation. UPS systems safeguard against equipment damage, power interruptions, system errors and other power supply malfunctions that could compromise production, safety, or data.

Soft Drink Manufacturing

Soft drink bottling or manufacturing involves five major processes, each with its own safety and quality issues that must be evaluated and controlled: treating water, compounding ingredients, carbonating product, filling product and packaging. The services we provide for these projects include the design, supply, installation testing and commissioning of the complete range of Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection services.

Food Processing & Manufacturing

As new food and beverage processing equipment with complex and sensitive systems, controls and automation continues to evolve, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) are more essential now than ever. We have worked worldwide for some of the largest food processors and manufacturers in the world carrying out fast-track projects and maintenance works including shutdowns. Our focus is on tailoring our services to suit our clients’ needs.


Arguably the single biggest variable when it comes to confectionary production efficiency, cost saving and safety is equipment and utilities maintenance. We have a history of providing outstanding maintenance support ensuring our client’s facility operates at optimum performance. Cadbury is a leading confectionary brand throughout the world and has chocolate manufacturing facilities in Dublin and Kerry. We have been working with them for more than 50 years completing new projects and maintenance work including shutdowns.


We have in depth knowledge of working in Bakeries which are ATEX Hazardous Areas meaning all works and final installations are subject to stringent safety and quality regulations. We have completed Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Protection works for a number of clients globally which have included manufacturing facilities, distribution centres and R&D centres.