Committed to innovation and sustainability

Renewable Energy

As a company committed to innovation and sustainability we have been heavily involved in some of the most cutting edge renewable energy projects.

What we do in Renewable Energy


We have recently completed work on Tullahennel Wind Farm, the world’s first commercial wind project with integrated power storage. As well as bringing new, clean energy to the Irish grid, the ability to effectively and affordably generate, store and distribute energy is expected to provide a model for projects around the world.

Wet Anaerobic Digestion

We have ground breaking technology which allows wet digestion of a wider range of materials previously thought to be unsuitable for Anaerobic Digestion.


Dry Anaerobic Digestion

Dry fermentation involves the anaerobic decomposition of “dry” non-pumpable biological material in the absence of oxygen. The process involves the loading of “anaerobic” tunnels with material using loading shovels. The process is particularly suited to bio-waste and mixed waste applications. The system promotes efficient biogas production with very low parasitic energy demands.


Thermo-Pressure Hydrolysis Technology

We use thermo-pressure hydrolysis (TPH) pre-treatment processes for incoming waste to allow for high efficiency performance of the subsequent Anaerobic Digestion process.


Biogas Upgrading

We operate with a number of different upgrading technologies and can tailor our solution to the needs of individual clients and specific wastes streams. This system can be adjusted to meet the strict requirements of gas injection to the grid and of compressed biomethane as a vehicular fuel.


In-Vessel Composting

Composting is the aerobic transformation of biological material in the presence of oxygen and can be engineered in a number of ways. We have the expertise to deliver projects involving Tunnel Composting, Container Composting and Aerated Pile Composting technologies.


Waste to Energy / Incineration

We have worked on a number of Waste to Energy projects both in Ireland and the UK. These plants generate energy in the form of electricity from the primary treatment of waste. All of these plants adhere to strict emission standards.