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Life Science

Providing Mechanical Process, HVAC, Electrical & Instrumentation, Calibration, Maintenance and CompEx services for more than 50 years. Delivering term contracts, engineering maintenance, shutdowns and asset care contracts for the ever-changing needs of our clients.

What we do in Life Science

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

We understand the protocols, procedures and expectations required to deliver first class services in this demanding, heavily regulated environment. Typical services we provide include; enabling works, process pipework, ductwork, HVAC, gases, instrumentation, loop checking, switch gear, MCC, lighting and control, power, life safety systems, BMS, EMS, IT, LPS, security, plant & equipment hook-up, fire alarm and fire protection. On a number of previous projects, we have been General Contractor and Project Supervisor Construction Stage.

Advanced Manufacturing

We have developed specialist teams specifically to work in these complex environments. They have a detailed knowledge of the protocols and procedures required in high tech facilities of this nature. We provide the complete spectrum of services for our MedTech partners including; Compex Training, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Calibration and Fire Protection. We are a key collaborator with our clients, helping them to deliver world-class operations and technology solutions.

Central Utility Building

The critical nature of these essential utility functions means services must be installed to meet rigorous quality standards ensuring reliability and peak performance at all times. Our depth of experience with electrical power supply and distribution systems as well as facility mechanical systems including boiler, central steam heating, chilled water, compressed air cooling towers, and water / waste water treatment allows us to strategically meet our clients’ ever evolving needs.


We work with many of the world’s leading biotechnology companies and our commitment to innovation and sustainability has allowed us to value engineer some of the most complex environments in the world. Our teams are experienced in the delivery of complex services in this heavily regulated and challenging environment. We have also completed the full range of Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection services for biotechnology global supply chain headquarters which include laboratories, offices, packaging and warehouse facilities in one location.

Logistics Distribution Centre/Warehouse

We work on a number of highly automated facilities which involve production lines, -30°C cold room, 4° cold room, fingerprint operated security doors and BMS systems. We offer move-in and final positioning of all utility and manufacturing equipment. The lighting in certain distribution centres is vitally important and the requirements vary throughout the facility. On projects of this nature we have had design input in relation to the services and safety plans.

Maintenance / Shutdowns

In this sector we have a variety of contract offerings from term contracts, engineering maintenance contracts and shutdown / overhaul contracts which cater for the varying needs of our clients. Guaranteed service outcomes are provided through preventive, corrective, predictive and reliability centred maintenance programs to improve operational efficiency, asset life, safety and compliance with regulatory agencies.

Offsite Fabrication

We utilise Off Site Fabrication and Modular Construction to support many of our projects. We offer fully integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection modules. We have a variety of specialist workshops which cater for specific client requirements, so whether it’s a high purity installation, modular skid units or large piping modules, we have facilities in Ireland and Europe which allow us to improve productivity and maximise quality in a controlled environment.

Underground Double Contained Drains

We design, fabricate and install single and double contained underground drainage systems, to handle high corrosion waste from manufacturing plants. Many of these systems are prefabricated off site in our workshops leading to a number of benefits for our clients including time and cost savings.