Offsite Fabrication

We utilise Offsite Fabrication and Modular Construction to support many of our projects. Offering fully integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection modules. We have a variety of specialist workshops which cater for specific client requirements.  Whether it’s a high purity installation, modular skid units or large piping modules, we have facilities in Ireland and Europe which allow us to improve productivity and maximise quality in a controlled environment.

Modular Manufacturing

Manufacturing Workshop: 100,000sq ft
Type of fabrication: Carbon / Stainless Steel / Modular Assembly

Cork Workshop

Fabrication Workshop: 50,000sq ft
Type of fabrication: Carbon / Stainless Steel

Overseas Workshops

We have a number of workshops located in the UK, Spain and the Middle East which supplement our fabrication requirements.

Derry Workshop

Manufacturing Workshop: 15,000sq ft
Fabrication Workshop: 15,000sq ft
Type of fabrication: Carbon / Stainless Steel / Modular Assembly

Temporary Site Workshops

We have the capacity to set up temporary workshop facilities onsite so all issues can be resolved in a timely and efficient manner. We have experience of completing a number of international projects in this way with excellent results.

Kildare Workshop

Manufacturing Workshop: 8,000sq ft
Cleanroom Workshop: 17,000sq ft
Type of fabrication: PVDF / Polypropylene / Carbon / Stainless Steel

Dublin Workshop

Cleanroom Workshop: 8,500sq ft
Type of fabrication: High Purity Stainless Steel

Carlow Workshop

Manufacturing Workshop: 80,000sq ft
Fabrication Workshop: 21,000sq ft
Type of fabrication: Carbon / Stainless Steel / Modular Assembly