A complete Mechanical, HVAC
and Process Piping Contractor


Our Mechanical Engineering Division was established in 1890 and has an impeccable record of delivering quality work to the world’s leading multinational companies. We specialise in the installation of Process Piping, Industrial and Commercial HVAC systems and Mechanical plant and equipment. Our team’s experience across all industry sectors is unrivalled leading to our position as contractor of choice.

Shane Gillece

Group Director

Shane Gillece joined our Mechanical Division in 1990 and is a Group Director and shareholder. Shane has overall responsibility for our Industrial and Process Mechanical Division.

He has been involved in a number of our flagship Industrial and Process projects including Wyeth, BMS, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and the semi-conductor industry. Shane has also been responsible for the delivery of a number of mission critical confidential data centres across Europe.

Paul Nicholls

Operations Director

Paul Nicholls joined our Mechanical Division as a Project Engineer in 2000. Paul is an Operations Director of the Mechanical Division of Jones Engineering with overall responsibility for Building Services Projects.

Paul holds a Building Services Degree, together with a Diploma in Project Management and is a member of CIBSE and Engineers Ireland.

Paul has worked on many complex projects including the St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Microsoft’s EMEA campus in Dublin, One Microsoft Place. He is currently overseeing the New Children’s Hospital project which is the largest, most complex and significant capital investment project ever undertaken in healthcare in Ireland.

Brendan McAtamney

Operations Director

Brendan McAtamney is a degree qualified Engineer and joined our Mechanical Division in 2006. Brendan is an Operations Director of the Mechanical Division of Jones Engineering with responsibility for Semi-Conductor, Data Centre and related industries.

Brendan was previously Division Manager for Semi-Conductor and related industries. He has extensive experience across different sectors including Life Science, Food & Beverage, Data Centres and Industrial Manufacturing.

Anthony Farrell

Operations Director

Anthony Farrell joined Jones Engineering in 1997. Anthony is a degree qualified Engineer with a diploma in Project Management. Anthony is an Operations Director of the Mechanical Division and has responsibility for the delivery of Data Centre and Mission Critical projects in Ireland, UK and Europe.

He has worked in all sectors of the business, specifically large industrial installations for key clients such as Hewlett Packard, IBM and Intel. Anthony also manages the delivery of Mission Critical Data Centre projects for our confidential clients, and has worked on projects in Scandinavia, Benelux, UK as well as Ireland over the last 10 years.

Stephen Anderson

Operations Director

Stephen Anderson joined Jones Engineering in 2000. Stephen is an Operations Director of the Mechanical Division of Jones Engineering and has overall responsibility for the Process Division, including the Life Sciences and Food & Beverage Sectors. Stephen is a Degree Qualified Engineer and Member of Engineers Ireland.

He has delivered a number of our flagship process projects, including Pfizer Grangecastle, BMS BioPharma Cruiserath, Janssen, Alexion Athlone, Regeneron & Diageo Dublin.

In 2009, Stephen was responsible for the setup of our Specialist Lift Division, which currently offers Specialist Rigging Services to Customers both in Ireland and across Europe.