EXO Building, Point Village

The EXO building is a 16,000m2 17-storey office block along with 3 basement levels and rooftop plant rooms. It is a LEED Gold project and achieves an A3 building energy rating. Upon completion, it will be one of Dublin’s highest occupied buildings.
It is largely open plan space and comfort levels are maintained by ceiling void fan coil units. Large free-cooling chillers are located on the rooftop to maximise energy efficiency. There is a large network of motor control panels and distribution control panels on the project and energy consumption is metered on every level for sub-tenancies.

The installation includes a variety of different ventilation systems including; basement car park ventilation systems, plant room fume extract systems, smoke extract systems, and passive fire duct ventilation systems.

The EXO building is a BIM level 2 project and this includes a detailed data handover to the client so they can integrate the information into their facilities maintenance regime.

What We Did at EXO Building, Point Village

  • Basement car park ventilation systems
  • Plant room fume extract systems
  • Smoke extract systems
  • Passive fire duct ventilation systems

Project snapshot


EXO Building, Point Village


14 Months

Project Team