Hermedon Tungsten Mine (Wolf Minerals)

Wolf Minerals Ltd developed a major global tungsten production hub in the United Kingdom’s Southwest.
The world class Hemerdon Tungsten and Tin Project is ideally located close to an existing work force and infrastructure, just ten kilometres from Plymouth, a town of 250,000 people in England’s Devon County.

The Project is a new, sustainable mining operation. The Hemerdon tungsten deposit is rated by the British Geological Survey as the world’s third largest, and a tin concentrate that will also be produced at the Project will generate additional revenue. Wolf Minerals has offices in Perth, Western Australia and Plymouth, England.

What We Did at Hermedon Tungsten Mine (Wolf Minerals)

  • Plant Electrical & Instrumentation Package
  • Supply & Installation of all secondary Cable Containment
  • Supply and install peak cable ladder cover to all Primary and Secondary cable ladder.
  • Install Section 2 of MV Cable
  • Supply & Install Site Wide Fibre Optic Network
  • Install, terminate and commission all low voltage power, control and instrumentation cables
  • Installation of drive local control stations, field control panels and electrical and instrument field junction boxes
  • Testing & Commission of all installed electrical Services

Project snapshot


Hemerdon Tungsten Mine Project


8 Months