Jack Lynch Tunnel

The Jack Lynch tunnel is an immersed tube tunnel and an integral part of the southern ring road in Cork, Ireland. The tunnel has 2 cells each with 2 traffic lanes and 2 footpaths and a central bore for use in emergencies. The tunnel is controlled by a closed circuit tv, traffic control and supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) system. External photocells linked to the scada system provide a level of tunnel lighting most compatible with ambient light levels outside.  We completed the electrical services installation on the initial construction project and have subsequently been awarded maintenance service contracts.

What We Did at Jack Lynch Tunnel

  • Tunnel lighting
  • Mechanical plant electrics (fans, sump, pumps)
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection
  • Power distribution / distribution boards
  • Trace heating
  • Fire alarm system
  • P. A. System

Project snapshot


Jack Lynch Tunnel


12 months