The project consisted of the construction including detailed design of a research facility for NIBRT. The building is 6,000sq.m and includes a pilot plant, laboratories, training and office facility.

The facility includes:

  • Suite of bench-scale bioreactors for training activities
  • Suite of bench-scale filtration and chromatography systems for training
  • Upstream pilot plant bio-processing suite to 150L operated under ‘GMP-simulated’ conditions
  • Downstream pilot plant bio-processing suite operated under ‘GMP-simulated’ conditions
  • Bio-analytical suite supporting the research and training activities operated under ‘GMP-simulated’ conditions
  • Extensive research laboratories including ‘world-leading’ analytical technologies
  • Specialised Plant and Utilities
  • HVAC Air handling plant and Distribution installations
  • Fume and  Specific Exhaust systems including stacks
  • Steam and Condensate Generation and Distribution System
  • Chilled Water Generation and Distribution System
  • Low Pressure Hot Water Generation and Distribution System (2 circuits including Under – floor Heating circuit)
  • Compressed Air Generation and Process and Instrument Air Distribution Systems
  • Mains (potable) Water Distribution
  • Non Potable Water Cold Water Storage and Distribution System
  • Non Potable Water Hot Water Generation, Storage and Distribution System including hot water return
  • Fire Water (Hose Reels) Storage and Distribution System
  • Foul Waste System

What We Did at UCD NIBRT

  • Process Waste Drainage
  • Cold Condensate Piping Systems
  • Lab Gases (O2, N2, C02) Storage
  • Hook up of Utilities to Free Issue Equipment
  • Atrium Under-floor Heating Installation
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Natural Gases

Project snapshot


NIBRT (UCD) Belfield


14 Months

Project Team