Project Bond

We carried out numerous projects in Ireland for this Global Beverage Company.

Our most recent project consisted of a main building with three interconnecting blocks:

  • Administration
  • Production ( including warehousing)
  • Utilities

Ancillary plant, pipe bridges and secondary buildings are placed around the site. 

What We Did at Project Bond

  • Final position of all equipment, vessels, etc.
  • Installation of all Process Equipment (free issue) as per equipment list.
  • Supply and installation of all piping
  • Installation of in-line instrumentation (free issue).
  • Supply and installation of all insulation and cladding.
  • Provide a dedicated work team for Area C batching.
  • Testing of piping and piping system.
  • Painting of pipework.
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Water Services
  • Steam System

Project snapshot


Project Bond, Wexford