Rusal Aughinish

Rusal Aughinish Refinery is the only producer of alumina in the country and one of the most efficient alumina facilities globally. The facility infrastructure includes a deepwater terminal on the Shannon estuary that facilitates efficient deliveries to European smelters.

As part of Rusal’s modernisation programme, Jones Engineering Group installed 2 new gas boilers. The two steam generators have been designed to generate a total of 300 tonnes per hour of reliable, high-pressure superheated steam and will completely replace the oil fired boilers. The project was extremely complex and included closing the N69 for 6 hours overnight. There was  2500m of pipe/ 18000WDI between pipe and plate.

Two large cranes were used to offload and position the boilers on their plinths ready for assembly and connection.

The shift to gas-powered steam production will enable Aughinish to significantly increase its economic and environmental performance, in light of the upcoming EU directives on Industrial Emissions, scheduled to come into force in 2016.

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Rusal Aughinish – Boiler Project


5 Months

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Foster Wheeler