Schwarz Pharma

Schwarz Pharma is a bio-pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and marketing of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. It focused on various therapeutic areas such as central neurology, cardiovascular, central nervous system, asthma and gastro intestinal. As of 2009, Schwarz Pharma AG was acquired by UCB.

We completed the mechanical and HVAC services in the fesoterodine project for Schwarz Pharma. The scope of works comprised fabrication and installation of all mechanical piping, HVAC and process services. This included 23km of pipework, biobore high purity pipework (fully orbitally welded), carbon steel and stainless steel, and the installation of 200 items of equipment. This project was the largest API project completed in Ireland in 2007. Maximised prefabrication using our own off site prefabrication workshop in Cork. Project completed within programme.

Project snapshot


Schwarz Pharma – Fefoterodine I.O.P Project


9 Months