Modular & Bespoke Manufacturing Solutions

Our Modular manufacturing facility was set up in 2019. We recognised a change toward a more efficient process for our customers. Our 9,000m2 production facility ensures that we can Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA). We can install and deliver modules from small to large scale projects. Our location in Carlow gives us the benefit of being close to two ports allowing us to economically ship across the globe.

Facility Overview

We are an international specialist contractor providing fast track modular construction services to blue chip clients throughout Ireland, UK and Mainland Europe.

Our Offering

We can allow you to maximise the potential of your project through our cutting edge design and manufacturing processes.

We operate in sectors such as Data Centres, Biotech, Life Science, Food & Beverage and Infrastructure.


The modularisation process takes a large percentage of the project work off-site improving productivity, programme, safety and site congestion.

Our capabilities include:

  • Full Factory Tests
  • Robust systems for moving items (air skates)
  • Hoover system for moving heavy / delicate loads
  • All steelwork assembly is CE marked
  • Flexible Space

Design for Manufacture

We take your design or concept and help realise its offsite manufacturing potential through collaborative workshops. This maximises “speed for delivery” while ensuring a focus on:

Design for:

  • Operation
  • Installation
  • Transport
  • Supply Chain Capabilities
  • Assembly

Containerised Enclosures

Our products are designed in close co-operation with our clients and design team partners. The meet the highest specifications across a wide number of industries. Our range of versatile, easily deployable and varied size enclosures can be fitted out for a number of applications across the globe:

  • Plant Rooms
  • Battery Charging Facilities
  • Workshops
  • MV Switchrooms
  • MV Generators
  • Battery Tripping Unit
  • Sprinkler Pump houses
  • Fire & Supression Alarm Valve Systems
  • Fire & Gas detection systems
  • Cooling Units
  • Laboratories

Working across the data, life science and petrochemical/ oil & gas industries we provide modular units with the capability of use in Hazardour Areas. They incorporate purge/pressurisation and fire & gas detection systems where required.

We understand that BIM is critical to the prefabrication and modular construction.

  • BIM enables integrated architecture and engineering workflows
  • It supports the concept of repeatable designs, which saves time enable optimisation of a design across the feasibility study and conceptual engineering.

Benefits to your business

“Working with Jones Modular Manufacturing team has been an eye opening experience. It has enabled us to achieve a customised solution which has taken into account all of our project demands. This was done in a number of ways including investigating energy efficiencies, reducing leads times, improving quality and standardisation and reducing time on site”