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At Jones, we recognise the growing awareness around the demand for responsible business behaviour with issues relating to sustainability, ethics and respect for all of our stakeholders. We are extremely passionate about culture, diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace and recognise the impacts that they have on both their environment and the society in which they operate.

F1 in Schools

Last year, we proudly supported a dynamic team of six 5th-year students from Gonzaga College SJ in Dublin as they ventured into the exhilarating realm of the Aramco F1 in Schools 2023 World Finals in Singapore.

F1 in Schools involves students forming teams to design and manufacture miniature F1 cars, and then race them for glory along a 20-metre track. It also usually runs in conjunction with a Grand Prix. The event stands as the pinnacle of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) competitions for secondary school students, offering an unparalleled platform for honing fundamental skills in engineering, entrepreneurship, business acumen, and team management.

Participation in F1 in Schools demands more than technical prowess. Teams, including our sponsored Gonzaga team, are tasked with navigating real-world challenges. They must deftly manage budgets, reaching out to companies for vital sponsorships to fund their research, travel, and accommodation. The competition doesn’t merely revolve around speed; marketing and fundraising strategies play crucial roles, contributing to overall points scoring.

The road to the World Finals is no easy feat. Gonzaga achieved remarkable success at the National Finals, securing a notable 3rd place overall. This triumphant performance not only guaranteed their spot in the prestigious World Finals but also bestowed upon them the honour of representing not just their school but the island of Ireland on the grand global stage.

On the international front in Singapore, the Gonzaga team demonstrated exceptional skills, finishing 23rd among the 68 competing teams. Their innovation wasn’t just limited to the track; they set the 5th fastest time for a regulation-compliant car. Moreover, their engineering and design brilliance catapulted them into the top 10, showcasing not only speed but a holistic mastery of the intricate facets of automotive engineering.

This remarkable journey exemplifies our commitment to fostering excellence in education, equipping students with the skills needed to navigate the challenges of the future. As we continue to sponsor such initiatives, we take pride in being a catalyst for the transformation of education and the empowerment of young minds destined to shape the future.