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ISFP Go Green on Test Packs

As part of any project, the QA procedures and documentation form an integral part of the handover of systems to the client and end users. In order to demonstrate that all systems have been inspected, tested and commissioned, a test pack is compiled with all the relevant documentation for each system. The paper test pack is issued to site and the forms filled in by the relevant parties during the construction phase, until commissioning and handover is completed.

During a project in Belgium we identified that the test pack procedure was not effective.

What it was:

  • Test packs generated across multiple software platforms, Word, Excel, Adobe./ Complied by hand, generated in Damastown office, which was labour intensive and time consuming.
  • The Test packs (70 No.) had to be transported across the continent from Damastown to Belgium by the con-tract manager.

What it is now:

  • We engaged a software developer to create a new test pack program and interface.
  • All documents were converted to a two part program and output template
  • The test pack systems on all projects are now on tablets.
  • The program builds the test packs from templates and once com-piled, they can be copied for multiple systems.
  • The test packs are then sent to the tablet using mobile internet connections. The tablet is now used on site, not a myriad of paperwork and files.
  • The Documents are live and can be signed on site upon completion of snagging, pressure testing, walk downs etc.
  • ┬áInformation output is in a single format.
  • The tablet stores the information and once completed, the information can be sent back to the office for inclusion in the final dossiers.
  • Test packs are saved on the company servers rather than files in filing cabinets.

Time saving:

  • In a typical project with 10 system test pack the time taken to complete the test pack was 10 x 25 minutes = 250 Minutes.
  • The status now: the first test pack would take 15 minutes to produce, this then becomes a template for all the other test packs and reduces the time input per test pack to circa 7 minutes each. So taking the (15mins x 1) + (9 x 7mins) = 78 minute

This equates to a saving of:

  • 172 Minutes over a ten test pack project.
  • Or a three fold time improvement in this process office side alone.

Time saved 2015:

In 2015, Irish Sprinkler completed 10 major projects, and installed almost 90 separate systems which required test packs. The paper test pack system would have taken an approximate total of 2200 minutes to compile. The total savings of almost 1500 minutes have been realised using the test pack pro-gram. These figures relate to the compilation and printing of the test packs, it does not include the transport, work involved in sorting them out, scanning etc. involved with making a paper document ready for inclusion in an electronic file.