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At Jones, we recognise the growing awareness around the demand for responsible business behaviour with issues relating to sustainability, ethics and respect for all of our stakeholders. We are extremely passionate about culture, diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace and recognise the impacts that they have on both their environment and the society in which they operate.

LEAN showcase visit to UK

The Construction Industry in Ireland is embracing new technology and adapting its methods to help it become more efficient. Increasingly more and more contractors are attending Lean Construction Ireland events and sharing the stories of their progression.

However, it is useful to find out what construction folks from different countries are doing so that we can stay ahead of the curve at home.

With this in mind, both Ray Curley and Simon Watson from JEG Lean Department, recently attended the Centre for Lean Projects 4th Annual Showcase event in Nottingham.

The event was run by Professor Christine Pasquire from Nottingham Trent University and Paul Ebbs, research fellow also with the university.

There was some good discussion around the topics presented on the day, which included:-

  • “Target Value Design”
  • “Procurement as a source of waste in construction”
  • “A framework to guide collaborative costing process in the UK”
  • “Commercial Project first thinking”
  • “The invisible skills for success – language, moods and motivation”
  • “Pull systems to improve production flow stability”
  • “A facilitators guide to the Last Planner system”
  • “Integrating project production risk with Planning & control”

We will elaborate on some of these topics in the LEAN Times in the future.

The trip reinforced that there are significant advantages to be gained for any company, in any sector, that promotes following Lean principles as part of its daily routine.