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St. Patrick’s Day with Mons Rugby Club

What started out as a visit to the Mons Rugby training ground on a wet and windy night in February turned into a joyous celebration of St Patrick’s Day with the locals of Mons, Belgium.

We have a tradition and culture of encouraging cooperation and partnership not just with our clients but within the community as a whole. Our project team in Belgium met with Johan Boudinet and François Vancauwenberghe of Mons Rugby Club to find out how we could form a mutually beneficial partnership. The joint event held on St. Patrick’s Day was a fantastic team effort.

We had it all; great company, music, singing, dancing, laughing, Guinness, Taytos, sunshine and the Lord Mayor of Mons. On top of all that we somehow managed to fit in some friendly rugby matches, a demonstration of GAA and even the 6 Nations Rugby!

Most importantly we have formed a lasting friendship with all in Mons Rugby Club and are already looking ahead to 2020.

To find out more about Mons Rugby check out their website here: