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Jones Engineering Dublin City Liffey Swim

A general view of the LIffey Swim

This year we celebrated the 102nd Jones Engineering Dublin City Liffey Swim. The renowned event, one of Ireland’s most famous traditional sporting events, hosted almost 500 swim enthusiasts. Congratulations to the ladies winner Melissa Corbally from NAC Masters Swimming Club in Dublin who completed the race in 47 minutes and 51 seconds and the men’s winner Ken Dent from the Dublin Swimming Club who completed the event in 38 minutes. Well done to all the brave swimmers who trained, qualified, and took part. Thanks to all the volunteers the event was a huge success.

Pictured from Left to Right Melissa Corbally, Ladies Winner and Stephen McCabe, CEO Jones Engineering

The Jones Engineering Dublin City Liffey Swim is an inclusive event for all ages, from the very youngest to the oldest. This year there were two men completing their 50th swim, and there was 10-, 11- and 12-year-old children completing their first ever swim.

Pictured from left to right, Ken Dent, male winner and Stephen McCabe, CEO Jones Engineering

Dublin is the only European city that has a swimming race running through the centre of it. To qualify for the 2.2km race, swimmers must have competed in several Leinster Open Sea qualifying races. The swimmer’s handicap is assessed from these races, and their starting position for this race is determined. The slowest people go first, and the fasted last. In order to eliminate the competitive advantage of modern-day swimming suits and wetsuits, swimmers must only wear speedos. The race took place on its traditional route with swimmers entering at the Rory O’Moore bridge and passing under 11 bridges before finishing in front of the Customs House.