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National Skills Plumbing Competition

Simon Watson, Eamon McDonnell (TU Dublin), Aaron Sweeney, Nathan Woods, Ben Gannon, Fergus McGuinness (TU Dublin)

In December Jones Engineering became the first employer in the country to host an internal round of the National Skills competition.

Typically, the approach has been for instructors in colleges to choose competitors from the apprentices in their classes. This was done during December each year and the chosen apprentices would go forward and compete in National skills.

This year however a new approach is being piloted where employers are being asked to run internal rounds of the competition. Six apprentices completed a seven hour task in our training area in Coolquay, Ashbourne and were overseen and marked by Fergus McGuinness and Eamon McDonnell from the Plumbing department of TU Dublin.

Once results from other companies have been considered, the winning candidate will then proceed to represent Ireland in the Worldskills competition in September 2021 in Shanghai.

Thank you to Fergus and Eamon and we wish the very best of luck to all competitors!

Simon Watson, Eamon McDonnell (TU Dublin), Jason Nyhan, Daniel Behan, Adam O’Brien, Fergus McGuinness (TU Dublin)
Aaron Sweeney
Ben Gannon