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Plant Management – Hilti On! Track Roll Out

IMPROVING our in-house systems!

“Does anyone know who has the big hammer-drill?”

How many times have you heard a statement like that on site? We loose countless hours every week on projects where employees are walking around trying to locate specific items of plant. If you go back one step before this, we also loose time where Foremen and managers have to track down plant and equipment they require from other projects.

  • This cloud based system will tell us current locations of all company plant and equipment
  • Bar codes will be fitted to all plant items for identification
  • A free App for our mobile phones means we can scan bar codes anywhere
  • Plant transfers will be as easy as “Scan and click”……no more taking note of serial numbers and e-mailing to someone else to update plant register
  • Much more efficient process
  • Time saved by all users
  • Carry out plant audits by just scanning bar codes
  • Reports generated automatically and e-mailed to pre-programmed recipients
  • Calibration and PAT test reminders sent automatically

“System being implemented onto all plant over the coming months”