CompEx Ex11 (Preparation, Installation, Inspection & Maintenance for Mechanical)

ATEX (DSEAR) requires users to identify all possible ignition sources that could arise in hazardous areas. The identification of these ignition sources includes non-electrical (mechanical) items of equipment (in addition to electrical equipment covered by Ex01-04). The safety measures for non-electrical equipment used in hazardous areas not only include the design (and possible certification) of equipment but also the aspects required for safe selection, installation, maintenance, inspection and repair. CompEx Ex11 meets the competency requirements for ATEX mechanical equipment and the soon to be introduced IEC (International) non-electrical standards.

Who should attend?

Aimed at Mechanical personnel. Prior completion of a recognised trade exam is required.

Course details:

CompEx Ex11 Agenda

  • Overview of Explosive Atmosphere and coding systems (full CompEx Foundation)
  • Requirements for ATEX and IECEx non-electrical equipment and assemblies
  • EN1127-1 and identifying ignition hazards
  • Failure examples for ATEX and IECEx Non-Electrical
  • Performing ignition risk assessments (worked examples)
  • Standards (BS EN 13463 series) and concepts Ex d, p, c, k. b
  • ISO 80079-36/37 overview and the relationship with IEC60079-0 (Ex h)
  • Practical inspection and safety test on non-electrical equipment

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